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Fajr 4:32 AM 5:15 AM
Zhur 1:29 PM 1:40 PM
Asr 5:29 PM 6:45 PM
Asr (Hanafi) 6:36 PM 6:45 PM
Maghrib 8:49 PM 8:54 PM
Isha 10:26 PM 10:27 PM


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Al-Huda Schools
Registration Sep 12 & Sep 26, 2009. More...

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Posted On: 06/17/2014 | Posted By: Lozon

Eid AlFitr prayer and festival 2014 will be in Bingemans Park on July 28th starting from 9:00 AM

download Ramadan Calendar 2014

First Day of Ramadan is on Saturday June 28th 2014
according to (Fiqh Council of North America) 
Taraweeh prayer will be held on Friday night directly after Ishaa Prayer


Posted On: 04/01/2014 | Posted By: Lozon

Great news !!!

The Muslim Association of Canada is proud to announce the Islamic School Project, the future site of a full-time Islamic School to serve Region of Waterloo. Please join us on Saturday March 22nd at 160 Courtland Ave E to take a tour of the facility, meet future school administration, attend an info session, and most importantly give your sincere input to help make this project a success. 

About the Facility:
  • 2 Acres of Land
  • 40,000 sq ft building
  • 19 large classrooms
  • 500 Student capacity
  • Adequate for continuation of Al-Huda weekend school and Al-Furqan Hifth program
  • Childcare facility
  • $2.5 M  ($1.5 M by July 28th 2014) to start the school in Sept 2014. Inshallah.
  • Please click here for location 

Our vision is to produce an affordable school that thrives on academic excellence, professionalism, and a deep and practical understanding of Islam and is affordable. MAC's strengths in education include:
Academic Excellence- beyond Ontario Curriculum
EnrichIt! : hands on enrichment activities
Character Counts: Focus on building Islamic personalities 
Join us in this historic moment and be amongst the first to make this vision a reality by donating here today!

For more information and pictures, please visit

The Blessed Prophet (pbuh) said: “Acquire knowledge, for he who acquires it in the way of Allah performs an act of piety; he who speaks of it, praises the Lord; he who seeks it, adores Allah; he who dispenses instruction in it, bestows alms; and he who imparts it to others, performs an act of devotion to Allah”. (Bukhari, Muslim)

MAC Maple Grove School


Dear Community, 

We have set out to make the dream of MAC Maple Grove School a reality this Fall. The task ahead is great but not greater than the mercy of Allah SWT. The fundraising goal is high but not higher than the ambitions we all carry. 

Donate, Enroll, Make dua

Posted On: 01/30/2014 | Posted By: Lozon

- Alhamdulillah, great news!!!
- Over the past 24 hours, by the will of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, and the tremendous support of the community, $24,500 raised in donations, and $76,000 in short-term, interest-free loans from community members
- Alhamdulillah, this permitted us to successfully close the acquisition of the neighboring house as a strategic expansion for the Masjid
- We now have only $37,000 to be raised to pay for the city fees and site planning for the Masjid Renovatoin project
- We have taken $76,000 in short-term non-interest loans from the community and we will need help to repay these loans - May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala bless and reward most generously everyone who has helped in every way, and grant every success in this dunya and the next to each and every one of them and their families, even as they took it on themselves to help this Masjid project for His Sake. Ameen.

Site Fees, Site Plan and Renovation Cost


Debit/Credit card machine
NOW available in Kitchener Masjid

Online Paypal

Posted On: 11/22/2012 | Posted By: Lozon
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