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Posted On: 01/28/2015 | Posted By: Lozon
A Statement by the Muslim Association of Canada

Mississauga – January 28, 2014 -

The Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) is a religious, educational,
social, charitable and non-profit organization that operates only in Canada.  Our organization has
worked to strengthen the communities we live and work in since 1997.
A primary tenet of MAC is community involvement and service not only with the Muslim community,
but with every community, regardless of faith or background.
MAC is a wholly Canadian organization.  We are opposed to violence of all kinds.  We are opposed to
terrorist activity of any kind, especially any threats against the safety and security of fellow Canadians.
A news report today about MAC contained inaccuracies and it is important to set the record straight:

• MAC operates several community centres and places of worship across Canada.  In addition, MAC
owns and operates schools in Ontario and Alberta.  In Quebec, MAC leases three buildings to local
service groups who operate schools.  Each one has a strong track-record in the community.  These
schools meet provincial standards for education and consistently rate highly in provincial rankings.

• Although MAC cooperates with many local community associations for the benefit of its members,
our communities, and society-at-large, it has no link or affiliation with any foreign organization. 

• We have a good working relationship with law enforcement and security authorities in Canada.  We
have hosted discussions to bring together community members with the RCMP, Public Safety
Canada and local police forces to educate, raise awareness and build a sense of shared effort against
threats to Canada and Canadians. 

• We are opposed to and have spoken out against any actions that threaten Canada or our fellow
Canadians.  We consider it a civic duty on all to oppose and prevent such threats.  We have and will
continue to cooperate with the RCMP on security and safety issues.

• MAC has not supported IRFAN in any way since the allegations that led to its delisting as a charity by
the Government of Canada in 2011.  When specific allegations of IRFAN’s relationship with groups
that are inconsistent with MAC’s values arose, we immediately stopped all donations to that group. 
Previous to that, MAC did raise funds for humanitarian relief that were distributed to a number of
relief organizations including IRFAN.  At that time, IRFAN was still considered a legitimate charity
and was supported by a number of Canadian organizations (including non-faith based groups).

• We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard and adhere strictly to Canadian law.

For further information, please visit or contact MAC’s head office at 905-822-2626

Posted On: 11/22/2012 | Posted By: Lozon
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